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CNN Legal analyst thinks Trump Verdict will be Appealed: ‘Number of Significant issues’

Mark O’Mara, a former attorney who works as a legal analyst for CNN, told the network that former President Donald Trump will be able to successfully appeal his guilty verdict in the Manhattan hush money case due to a “number of significant issues” surrounding the trial.

“What are the odds of this on appeal for Trump?” O’Mara was asked by CNN’s Erin Burnett.

“I actually think they’re pretty good because there are a number of significant issues with the way this trial was handled,” the longtime attorney replied without hesitation.

“And it doesn’t, we don’t talk about Donald Trump anymore. We talk about the defensibility case and whether or not the judge did everything the judge was supposed to do to ensure a fair trial, unaffected by the outside world,” O’Mara continued before pointing to a number of specific examples.

“And I’ve complained, Erin, to you that the idea that this jury wasn’t sequestered, not even during their deliberations, not to mention for that week before between trial and closings, I think that’s a massive mistake.”

The veteran attorney then laid out a number of steps the Trump legal team could take as part of its effort to appeal the verdict.

“The defense is going to follow the trail of every one of these jurors when they find out who they are and how they are, where they drove, what they did, every billboard that they saw, all of that, and that’s going to be the fodder for appeals that this jury was infected by negativity that this judge didn’t protect their client from,” O’Mara said. 

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