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CNN Reaches New Lows as Viewers Abandon the Anti-Trump Network in Droves

The American Tribune broke down the numbers which show key demographics fleeing the anti-Trump network at an alarming rate. Between May 13th and 19th, CNN nabbed an average of 83,000 viewers in the crucial 25-54 age demographic between 8 and 11 p.m., the lowest level seen in over 30 years. Across all demos, the network lagged far behind its peers in a news ratings race it no longer appears qualified to run.

In the past period, CNN garnered 494,000 viewers compared to 2 million for Fox and 1.1 million for MSNBC.

The numbers indicate that not much has changed since the network fired former CEO Chris Licht last year and installed Mark Thompson, who promised a fresh approach that would encompass more than politics.

“We don’t believe news is just politics. Business and tech are news. Climate and weather are news. Health, wellness, and living longer are news. So expect to see us build new branded verticals in all these areas on TV, on our apps, and across our other platforms,”

Thompson said in response to the catastrophic ratings release.

That’s a far cry from the “revolution” Thompson promised when he was brought on in January. “We need to recapture some of the swagger and innovation of the early CNN. It’s time for a revolution,” he said at the time.

One of Thompson’s first major moves was to propose dramatically slashing the salaries of its biggest talent. Top-earning anchors include Anderson Cooper at $20 million, Wolf Blitzer at $15 million, Jake Tapper at $8.5 million, and Chris Wallace at $8 million. Lower-level anchors including John Berman, Kate Bolduan, and Sara Sidner hold annual salaries between $1 million and $2 million. However, Thompson will have to wait until at least 2025 or even 2026 when contracts expire and he can renegotiate paychecks for his top stars.

In February Thompson sent all staff a memo laying out his plans to reorient the network toward digital and subscription services while mentioning that current production costs of its primetime shows “now look difficult to support.”

No matter where it turns, CNN seems to fall victim to itself. Thompson canned former NBA star and notorious anti-Trumper Charles Barkley after his show “King Charles” failed to deliver and the basketball icon was reported to have called the network a “s***show” while it was courting him. Even when CNN succeeded by hosting town halls with Trump, the moves prompted grumbling among its reporters and media personalities who blamed network executives for amplifying so-called falsehoods.

Ben Collis is a freelance journalist for the Trending Politico covering trending human interest/social media stories and the reactions real people have to them. He always seeks to incorporate evidence-based studies, current events, and facts pertinent to these stories to create your not-so-average viral post.
Ben Collis
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