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Fani Willis’ Lover Is Stopped By ‘Consultant’ Mid-Interview, Leaves CNN Host Stunned

Nathan Wade’s advisor interrupts interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins as he is grilled on fling with DA Fani Willis
A public relations rehabilitation tour undertaken by the former lover of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took a disastrous turn on live TV Wednesday. (Daily Mail)

Nathan Wade, a former prosecutor in Willis’ office, chose to sit for a live interview with reporter Kaitlan Collins in the months since he was abruptly dismissed from the election interference case against former President Donald Trump.

Collins was attempting to pin Wade down on the exact dates of his romantic relationship with Willis when, off-screen, a media consultant interjected and asked to take off his client’s microphone so they could speak privately.

“These exact dates are at issue, and these… these… are… I’m getting, I’m getting signaled here,” Wade said as he looked away from Collins and toward his consultant in a viral video clip on X. a chyron announcing the consultant’s interruption immediately went up and the camera continued to film while a producer took off Wade’s lavalier microphone and he huddled in the corner with his aide. Then, as if nothing happened, Wade came back to sit with Collins.

“Everything okay?” the reporter asked. “Yeah,” he replied, forcing Collins to restate her question.

“I believe the public has, through the testimony and other interviews, the public has a clear snapshot that this is clearly just a distraction,” Wade started. “It is not a relevant issue in this case, and I think that we should be focusing on more of the facts and the indictment in the case.”

To Collins’ credit, the intrepid CNN star did not let Wade avoid a followup question about how a state court of appeals would view evidence showing that his relationship with Willis began before he was hired to work on the case against Trump.

Attorneys for the president’s codefendants, who first produced evidence, argued Willis tainted the case through nepotism. As a lover, Wade was paid approximately $700,000 by Willis while working on the case against Trump over two years.

“Therein lies the issue of why we wouldn’t touch upon the work of the court of appeals or some higher court because it’s a pending issue before them. I think we should take a step back and allow them to take the evidence that they have and do their work and make a decision,” Wade replied, admitting his answer could jeopardize his appeals case.

During previous testimony, Wade was evasive when answering about the timeline of his relationship with Willis and whether their romantic relationship began before his hiring as a special prosecutor. In March district Judge Scott McAfee ruled that Willis must recuse herself from the case against Trump or dismiss Wade to avoid the appearance of impropriety. One day later, Wade submitted his resignation.

Legal observers generally agree that Willis has lost control of her prosecution through errors of her own making. The months-long delay in her case resulting from her relationship with Wade has essentially pushed any chance of a resolution past Election Day in November, meaning a prosecution of President Trump would become all but impossible if he wins another ter

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