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Hunter Biden Juror Reveals Text Thread That Led To His Conviction

Hunter Biden juror calls trial ‘waste of taxpayers’ dollars,’ says texts were key evidence, “It turned out better than I expected. There was no fighting in the jury room.”
Hunter Biden arrives to federal court with his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, Tuesday, June 11, 2024, in Wilmington, Del. AP Photo/Matt Rourke

One of the 12 jurors who voted to convict Hunter Biden on three felony counts related to an illegal gun purchase has revealed what led them all to their decision.

According to the juror and others on the panel, a series of damning text messages between the first son and his sister-in-law were key to convicting him.

A juror who spoke to the New York Post said that messages between Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden, who was the wife of his late brother, Beau Biden, with whom Hunter had a fling, were important in showing Hunter’s state of mind and condition at the time he bought the gun.

“[The text messages showed], in my opinion, he was training to get drugs,” said a juror whom the outlet described as a black 51-year-old woman from upper Delaware.

In her testimony during the trial, Hallie Biden was presented with a text message from October 13, 2018, which was one day after Hunter Biden purchased the gun. The text indicated that he was sitting in a car, waiting for a crack dealer named Mookie. Hallie testified that she believed “that he was buying crack cocaine.” A text the following day from Hunter said he was smoking crack and sleeping in a car.

Hunter Biden “looks kind of defeated. He looks kind of helpless to me,” the juror said. “I think he just needs to get away somewhere and get some real rehab if he hasn’t. Hopefully, he’s still not using.”

The Post reported that although the verdict was reached quickly on Tuesday, it didn’t seem that way on Monday following an informal vote, according to another juror. The juror noted that five jury members changed their minds overnight. Also, The Post noted that the final juror was uncertain Hunter was using crack at the time of the gun purchase, but reviewed the evidence again and concluded that he was.

The upper Delaware juror said the group “worked together really well.”

“I was expecting all of us to be at each other’s throats, you know, because of who his father is and how the political climate is in this country,” she said.

CNN spoke to Juror 10 on Tuesday after the verdict, and he said that Joe Biden and the Biden family were not issues during the deliberations. He noted that the jury focused on the evidence, not Hunter Biden’s family or lifestyle.

“We didn’t use Jill. We didn’t use President Biden,” he said, adding Joe Biden’s “name was only brought up once during the trial.”

“No politics came into play, and politics was not even spoken about,” he noted further, adding he did not think that Hunter belonged in jail. The first son faces up to 25 years in prison and a fine of $750,000.

“Deliberating, we were not thinking of the sentencing, and no, I really don’t think that Hunter belongs in jail,” the juror said. “If you looked at this case and you realize that when Hallie dumped that gun in a trash can, and it was retrieved, and Hunter Biden did not want to press charges because he was the victim of a theft of the firearm, he did not want to press any charges against Hallie and another thing that I also thought was they asked him, ‘did you want your gun back?’ And he said ‘no,’ he did not want that gun back.”

“When he said he did not want that gun back. And that gun sat in evidence for almost five years, I think that may have been what led to his downfall,” the juror continued. “Had he taken possession of that gun, I don’t know if we would even had the trial because he may have sold the gun, got rid of the gun, sold it back to a gun shop, or whatever,” he continued. “And it wasn’t like it was sitting in evidence … I believe that means it was sitting in evidence and somebody got a hold of that and say, ‘hey, let’s check this out a little bit more. And see exactly how he obtained that gun.”

The juror added he did not think Biden should have testified during the trial.

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