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JUST IN: Biden’s Ghostwriter Admits To Deleting Evidence Due To Special Counsel Probe

President Biden’s ghostwriter will not face charges despite deleting evidence of the sharing of classified material during the investigation.
President Biden delivers remarks at the White House in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Mark Zwonitzer, Joe Biden’s ghostwriter, disclosed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that he had deleted numerous audio records of interviews with the 81-year-old Democrat incumbent, partly due to the ongoing special counsel investigation. At that time, Special Counsel Robert Hur, a Department of Justice special counsel, was probing allegations that Biden had improperly handled and unlawfully retained classified documents after his tenure as vice president.

It is also alleged that some of these classified documents, in violation of national security laws, were shared with Zwonitzer. During his FBI interview, according to the transcript reviewed by The National Pulse, agents questioned Zwonitzer about the influence of the special counsel’s appointment on his decision to delete the recordings.

Initially evasive, Zwonitzer admitted he “was aware of the special counsel investigation when that happened.” He confirmed that he had eliminated several years of audio records from his interviews with Biden. Zwonitzer is a writer and documentary filmmaker known for his work in both television and authorship. He has written several books, often focusing on American history or biographies, and has been involved in the production of numerous PBS documentaries.

His skills as a writer have led him to ghostwriting roles, which include collaborating with prominent figures to help pen their memoirs or personal stories. According to the transcript, one FBI agent confronted Zwonitzer, questioning the timing of his deletion of audio recordings after learning about the special counsel’s investigation into Biden.

“The outside observer is going to look at this and say ‘Mark Zwonitzer, President Biden’s friend, ghostwriter, collaborator learned of the special counsel’s investigation, saw this happening, and then deleted all these audio recordings,’” the agent said, pressing for clarity on the motives behind Zwonitzer’s actions: “I just need the truth on this one, but there’s some truth in that, that was what was going on. That was part of your motivation, at least something you were aware of when you did this?”

Zwonitzer tacitly admitted that the investigation had influenced his decision to some extent, though he declined to specify how much it affected him. “I’m not going to say how much of the percentage it was of my motivation,” he stated.

Despite the admissions, Hur ultimately decided not to charge Zwonitzer with obstruction of justice. Hur, a former U.S. attorney appointed during the Trump administration, was appointed as a special counsel to investigate aspects of Biden’s handling of classified documents.

The investigation was prompted after classified documents were found at Biden’s home in Delaware and at an office in Washington, D.C., dating back to his tenure as vice president. Hur’s role was to determine if any criminal wrongdoing occurred in the handling of these documents.

Hur ultimately recommended no criminal charges against Biden. He noted that Biden appeared to be a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” which complicated the potential for a successful prosecution.

The investigation’s findings were politically charged, sparking debates about Biden’s cognitive abilities and the fairness of the legal probes compared to similar cases involving other political figures, such as former President Donald Trump.

Hur’s testimony before Congress was a key moment, where he defended the thoroughness and conclusions of his investigation. He said that his report did not “exonerate” Biden but simply found insufficient evidence to press charges.

During the hearings, Hur faced questions from both sides of the aisle, with Republicans focusing on the implications of Biden’s actions for national security and Democrats comparing the treatment of Biden’s case to Trump’s, which led to an indictment.

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