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Major Security Breach as FBI Turned Off Security Cameras During Mar-a-Lago Raid

Jack Smith’s team just filed a response opposing Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss docs case based on “spoliation” of evidence seized during MAL raid.
Former President Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to an indictment related to his handling of classified materials, right, last June.NBC News; Getty Images; AP

Stupid Democrats thought they could keep the truth buried forever. They would go to lengths to disarm Donald Trump, even to the point of turning off security cameras to bury evidence. Imagine if there was an actual shootout in Mar-a-Lago or if somebody attacked former president Donald Trump. There would be no evidence. That is how vile these tyrant liberals are while using woke sh*t ideology as a smokescreen.

Jack Smith, Biden’s illegally appointed special counsel, filed an appeal on Monday asking for Judge Aileen Canon to throw out Trump’s demand to dismiss the case based on “spoliation of evidence in violation of due process.”

According to Trump’s attorneys, during the FBI raid  in June 2022 at Mar-A-Lago, agents tampered with “important exculpatory evidence relating to the locations of the allegedly classified documents at issue.”

Smith, through his motion, ultimately admitted that during the execution of the search warrant, elements of the FBI had turned off security cameras.

“At approximately 9:55 am, the CCTV servers were turned off to prevent recording, at the request of the FBI, out of concern for agent safety.”

However, further investigation into the events that transpired that day proved otherwise. Experts even argued earlier that there was no imminent threat to the FBI agents, and the security service allowed them to search through the Palm Beach estate.

Journalist Julie Kelly found that “at approximately 10:20 am, the recording resumed, at the direction of Trump attorneys.”

What had happened between 9:55 am and 10:20 am?

According to the motion, “the cameras continued to display a live feed, and some Trump Organization personnel who had access to the network feed monitored it live” when the recording was stopped.

The filing added that before the cameras paused recording, DOJ’s lawyer Bratt had attempted to contact Trump’s lawyer over the phone but only made through on the second call.

The motion of Smith continued that the search began at around 10:33 am. One section explained that FBI agents and the Evidence Response Team established a workstation outside the storage room and reviewed the boxes taken out.

“If a team member located a document bearing classified markings that was subject to seizure, they removed the document, segregated it, recorded the box in which it was found, and replaced it with a placeholder sheet (the ‘initial placeholder sheet’) where the classified document was removed.”

Smith continued, “They used preprinted classified cover sheets for the initial placeholder sheets until they ran out of them, having not anticipated finding so many classified documents.”

“At that point, the team began using blank sheets of paper with handwritten annotations to identify the document. The information generally included the document title, classification level, a description of the subject matter, document identification numbers, and/or fates in the document.”

Smith furthered, “As part of the processing of seized documents marked classified, ERT photographed the documents (with appropriate cover sheets added by FBI personnel) next to the box in which they were located.”

It is beyond comprehensible how these Democrat morons can get. Now, Smith not only admitted that they turned off security cameras during the raid but also proved that the photos presented were staged!

Ben Collis is a freelance journalist for the Trending Politico covering trending human interest/social media stories and the reactions real people have to them. He always seeks to incorporate evidence-based studies, current events, and facts pertinent to these stories to create your not-so-average viral post.
Ben Collis
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