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Melania Stuns With Incredibly Beautiful Outfit At Barron’s Graduation

Fortunately, former President Donald Trump was able to leave his legal woes behind for a bit on Friday, May 17, and attend the high school graduation of his youngest son, Barron Trump, alongside his wife, Melania Trump. During the event, Melania turned heads and stunned fellow graduationgoers with her gorgeous outfit, particularly the tasteful and useful straw hat she was wearing to stay out of the sun.

As background, former President Trump originally thought he would not be able to attend Barron’s graduation due to the schedule set by Judge Merchan in the “hush money” case. “I was looking forward for years to graduation with his mother and father there, and it looks like the judge isn’t going to allow me to escape the scam,” Trump said, explaining that. However, that eventually changed, and so Trump could watch Barron on his special day.

So, on Friday, Trump and Melania headed to the highly exclusive Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, the school where 18-year-old Barron wrapped up his schooling after his family moved to Florida from New York City. There, they saw Barron graduate as two police snipers watched over the scene from above the announcers’ box while US Marshalls and local Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office deputies patrolled the area.

Melania added white pumps to her outfit.JIM RASSOL/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA TODAY NETWORK

While the police protected the area, the smarly dressed attendees milled about, chatted, and then gathered on the bleachers to watch the graduation and congratulate their friends and family members. Among those doing so were the members of the Trump family, who arrived in a motorcade just minutes before the graduation and headed to the football field.

Former President Trump received much applause as he headed to the football field, wearing his typical outfit of a dark suit, albeit with a blue rather than red tie. But while Trump’s showing up elicited applause, it was Melania’s stunningly beautiful outfit that turned heads.

Barron received his high school diploma from Oxbridge Academy.AFP via Getty Images

She. walking into the stadium alongside her former president husband, by whose side she sat during the ceremony, and her father Viktor Knavs, was wearing a tasteful navy blazer and a beautiful straw hat, which shielded her from the blazing Florida sun.

Check them out here:

And watch the former president and Melania watch over his son’s graduation ceremony here:

Trump, posting on Truth Social before the graduation, said, “Going to Barron’s High School Graduation. Great student, wonderful boy! Very exciting!!! DJT” Further, Trump spoke about Barron shortly before the graduation, saying that he’s a “great guy.” He said, “He’s seen it. He doesn’t have to hear. He is a smart one. He doesn’t have to hear much. But he’s, he’s a great guy.”

Continuing, Trump added that Barron is good-looking and tall, saying, “He’s a little on the tall side; I will tell you. He’s a tall one, but he is a good-looking guy.” Trump then added that Barron is into politics, saying, “And he’s really been a great student. And he does like politics. It’s sort of funny. He’ll tell me sometimes, ‘Dad, this is what you have to do.’”

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