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Tim Pool Ends Live Stream After Laura Loomer Calls for Treason Charges Against Democrats

Tim Pool, host of the YouTube show Timcast IRL, abruptly ended his livestream on Friday, according to the website Anarchist Federation.

This unexpected termination occurred as Laura Loomer advocated for the execution of Democrats whom she accuses of orchestrating a coup against Trump following his conviction in a recent bogus hush money trial.

During the show, Loomer passionately voiced her frustrations with the political forces aligned against Trump, calling for stark actions against these “traitors.”

“Wake up. Stop being nice to these people,” Loomer said. “I don’t give a sh*t about these people, their livelihood, their well-being, the well-being of their families, their little kids. I don’t give a sh*t. And that’s the mentality that everybody needs to have now in this country, because it is war. It is war.”

Pool echoed Loomer’s sentiments, asserting that there was “no question” that if Trump were reelected, he should start locking Democrats up.

“Should there be lists of Democrats who need to go to jail? 100%,” Pool said. “And the reason for that is they committed crimes… And the reason we can put them on trial is to show the whole world we will uncover what you’ve done. We will make sure everyone knows, and you will be held accountable for it.”

“Not just jail, they should get the death penalty,” Loomer said.

As Loomer began to call for the death penalty as punishment for treason, the live stream was suddenly cut off. The video disappeared from YouTube and was replaced with a disclaimer stating it had been “removed by the uploader.”

After the abrupt end of the live stream, one user asked Loomer who pulled the plug on the feed.

“Who pulled the feed? Was it Tim? It went down on YouTube and Rumble at the same time?” the user asked.

In her response, she confirmed that it was Pool who ended the stream when she called for treason charges and the death penalty for Democrats accused of plotting against Trump to prevent his YouTube account from being taken down due to her comments.

“Tim Pool had to cut the feed. He ended the stream when I said people who committed treason in our country (I was talking about the Democrats who staged a coup against Donald Trump) should be tried for TREASON and get the DEATH PENALTY,” Loomer wrote on X.

“Apparently you’re not allowed to say that on YouTube even though it’s literally in our US legal system… I am not angry with Tim. It’s not his fault that YouTube is pro-censorship. Obviously I don’t want his account to be taken down just because I was defending Donald Trump and because I said there needs to be a trial and then the maximum punishment on the books for TREASON,” she added.

“I stand by everything I said. The Leftists at the top of this lawfare machine are committing treason. Many of these efforts are funded by the CCP. These lawfare agents and communists deserve the death penalty. I will say it till I’m blue in the face because it’s TRUE. I believe Tim Pool is posting the show on Rumble. Hopefully he will tweet the link out so all Of you can watch the show,” Loomer concluded.

Pool, who recently confessed that he did not vote for Trump in 2016 and identified as a pro-Bernie Sanders social liberal, faced criticism for his decision to end the live stream. Some users accused him of prioritizing monetization and income over free speech, while others defended his action as a necessary business decision.

One user commented, “I like watching Tim but he still feels monetization and income is more important than his and guest’s free speech, since he won’t simultaneously cast to Rumble.”

Another commented, “Content creators should be boycotting Google. That is the only way things will change, but none will because they don’t want to give up the $. The overlords know this. This is how the matrix controls information.”

A third user expressed disappointment, stating, “I blame him. He supports a platform that censors common viewpoints. He does it because it’s self serving, right?”

Another user defended Pool’s action, stating, “Was definitely a business decision. Tim has 50 employees can’t afford to be spended for a week. Laura sometime is just too hot for live television too spicy.”

For the record, several conservative websites, including The Gateway Pundit, can no longer monetize on YouTube and have seen reduced viewership for standing up and telling the truth to the world. We were not afraid to report the truth. As a result, we were demonetized for not bowing to them.

The Gateway Pundit was also banned by Google Adsense, which is why our readers are now seeing a few disagreeable ads displayed on our website for reporting the election fraud that other conservative websites hesitated to report back in 2020 and only recently decided to report on.

The Gateway Pundit is embroiled in numerous lawsuits for reporting what happened in the fraudulent election. As a result, we were labeled as fake news, even by other conservative websites and Republicans.

Ben Collis is a freelance journalist for the Trending Politico covering trending human interest/social media stories and the reactions real people have to them. He always seeks to incorporate evidence-based studies, current events, and facts pertinent to these stories to create your not-so-average viral post.
Ben Collis
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