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Tucker Carlson Debuts New Show on Russian TV Channel

Tucker Carlson has long been full of praise for Vladimir Putin, and apparently someone in the ranks of Russia’s state-run TV has taken notice. Rossiya 24 is now running episodes of Carlson’s show, complete with a Russian voice-over, that were posted to X and YouTube days prior; according to the Daily Beast, the program, called Tucker. Rossiya 24, takes full advantage of Carlson’s…unique point of view:

Newsweek reports that the former Fox News star’s show will be run on a Russian television channel. A first episode with news channel Russia 24 is now available online, according to local media reports.

The newspaper Rossiskya Gazyeta claims that Carlson’s venture is part of a joint project with his own outlet, Tucker Carlson Network, where the conservative host will interview politicians and high-profile celebrities with “alternative views to the mainstream.” However, claims of any coordination between the parties have been disputed by individuals close to Carlson.

Liberal news outlet the Daily Beast provided some mocking commentary of the announcement, noting the program “Tucker. Rossiya 24″ is mostly made up of former interviews Carlson has done himself for his programs on X and his own website, albeit with a Russian voiceover.

The latest episode covers Carlson’s thoughts on the spread of Lyme disease as a “bioweapon” under the chyron “ticks–nuclear weapons for the poor.” An initial premier of the episode was available to American viewers on May 10th.

Other clips held on the website for the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company include snippets of Carlson praising Russia, criticizing Ukraine, or generally taking positions similar to those of Putin. During a visit to the Kremlin in February, Carlson knocked the U.S. media for shunning Putin’s point of view, insisting that mainstream media outlets are propping up Ukraine as neoliberal war hawks in both parties continue pushing for an endless stream of funding for the country’s war with Russia.

A description of the show claims Carlson “has actively criticized U.S. authorities for helping Ukraine since the start of the [war],” and that he was added to a well-known database of “enemies of Ukraine,” the outlet adds.

Carlson has previously denied knowing about Russia 24’s plans to relay his programming domestically but opened the door in February with a wide-ranging interview of Putin where the Russian president blamed the U.S. for sabotaging a domestic oil pipeline between Russia and Germany in 2022.

“Did you have evidence that NATO or CIA did it?” Carlson asked. “You know, I won’t get into details, but people always say in such cases, look for someone who is interested. 

But in this case, we should not only look for someone who is interested, but also for someone who has capabilities, because there may be many people interested but not all of them are capable of sinking to the bottom of the Baltic Sea and carrying out this explosion. These two components should be connected,” Putin answered.

After the interview, Putin said he was surprised that Carlson didn’t act more aggressively.

“To be honest, I thought he would be more aggressive and ask tough questions,” Putin said of the two-hour interview. “I was just not prepared for that. I wanted that, because it would have given me the opportunity to respond sharply. Which, in my opinion, would have added certain specificity to the conversation,” he continued.

Ben Collis is a freelance journalist for the Trending Politico covering trending human interest/social media stories and the reactions real people have to them. He always seeks to incorporate evidence-based studies, current events, and facts pertinent to these stories to create your not-so-average viral post.
Ben Collis
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