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WATCH: Biden Blasted for “Slurring His Words,” Awkward “Freeze” During Event; “Lights On But No One’s Home”

The Biden White House hosted an early Juneteenth celebration on the White House lawn on Monday, June 10. Juneteenth occurs on June 19. During the event, President Biden looked “dazed and confused” to some onlookers, namely those who saw footage of the event online, and so the star-studded event received much mockery.

Particularly, the Trump Campaign and those associated with it went all in on ridiculing the current president i there tweets, using a video that shows the president standing awkwardly with his arms bent and his hand held out in front of his stomach in an odd position as he looks on with a confused expression on his face, mostly unmoving as the crowd around him dances.

That crowd, which included Vice President Kamala Harris, her husband, Dough Emhoff, African-American celebrity Billy Porter, and many others, was dancing to a performance of the song “Love Theory” by Kirk Franklin, a gospel singer. Despite the crowd’s enthusiasm and Kamala’s awkward dancing, Biden remained nearly motionless for the song.

Commenting on the video in a clip of it, the Trump War Room X account posted, “Lights are on but no one’s home.” Quote tweeting that Trump War Room clip and caption, Steven Cheung, a Trump campaign adviser, joked that it looked like Biden had consumed overly strong marijuana products. He wrote, “BIDEN: These edibles ain’t shit. *15 minutes later*”

Also joining in the Biden bashing was Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, who managed to get in two tweets about President Biden’s awkward non-movement as other danced. In one post, the Utah Senator quipped, “Who said Biden’s got no rhythm?” Then, in the other, he said, “While America was being invaded, Biden did … whatever he’s doing in this video.”

Even Sky News, a media outlet that is not in Trump’s camp, noted that Biden froze and later slurred his words, writing, in its post about the clip that took off on X on Tuesday, June 11, “President Biden appeared to freeze during Juneteenth celebrations at the White House, and began slurring his words when speaking to the crowd.”

President Biden, slurring his words in a speech given later in the evening, after the awkward dancing moment, said, as one account on X jokingly transcribed it, “She know long! She knew suhlongasuhijeruhhnied, our freedom can never be secured.”

The Biden White House Briefing Room, in its edited transcript of the president’s speech, says he said, “Folks, that’s what Juneteenth is all about. That’s why — this is why I awarded the Medal of Freedom to Ms. Opal Lee as well, the grandmother of Juneteenth. She know lo- — she knew so long as our history was de- — denied, our freedom can never be secured. Her decades-long march brought her here to the White House when she stood by my side as I signed the Juneteenth federal holiday and handed her the signing pen for helping make Juneteenth possible.”

Ben Collis is a freelance journalist for the Trending Politico covering trending human interest/social media stories and the reactions real people have to them. He always seeks to incorporate evidence-based studies, current events, and facts pertinent to these stories to create your not-so-average viral post.
Ben Collis
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