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“Weakness On the World Stage”: Another Awkward Biden Video Draws Scorn, Concern [WATCH]

Fox News contributor Mike Pompeo expresses his concern about President Biden’s strength on the world stage as the U.S. faces mounting security threats.

President Joe Biden is now in southern Italy for this year’s G7 conference, where he and other world leaders from the top developed countries – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States – will discuss, among other things, climate change, “the global south,” and the Russo-Ukrainian War, in which the G7 countries are all supporting Ukraine. But Biden has so far drawn the most attention on X, at least among many conservatives, for an awkward video of him shuffling around, very much showing his advanced age.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, describing what Biden would be discussing with the other world leaders, said, “The first session will be on Africa, climate change, and development. And the President will have his chance, coming out of the Kenya state visit in particular, to talk about the full range of investments and approaches the U.S. has taken with respect to Africa to spur social and economic development, security, and in particular, investment. And I’ll come on to that in a minute.”

He continued, “Second, we’ll have a session on the Middle East. This will be an opportunity for the leaders to get an update from President Biden on the negotiations with respect to the ceasefire and hostage deal, to talk about G7 support for bringing that deal to closure so that we can get a ceasefire in place and the hostages home.”

He also said, “Next, the President will participate in a session with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine and the G7 leaders on G7 support for Ukraine across the board. And that will be an opportunity to talk about coordination on sanctions, which the United States announced yesterday and other G7 partners will be announcing over the coming days. Of course, to talk about many of your favorite subject and mine: the mobilization of the proceeds from Russian sovereign assets to help Ukraine with respect to its resilience and economic needs.”

But it was a video of Biden that the RNC Research X account, one run by the Republican National Committee, found that really took X by storm. The RNC Research account tweeted, “Crooked Joe Biden brought his perpetual state of confusion to the G7 — yikes!” X personality Benny Johnson then reposted it, saying, “Weakness on the world stage.”

Predictably, the comments were a mixture of hilarious jokes and disappointment and concern with how he is representing America on the world stage. One commenter, for example, wrote, “The world’s leaders are helping Grandpa through the G7 summit. America is an embarrassment under Joe Biden.” Another said, “This is a damn Train Wreck for America wow.”

“Joe Biden looks like he’s riding an invisible bicycle,” joked another commenter. Still another joked, “Give that old geezer a walker. We cant have him falling down pooping his pants.” Yet another commenter added, “Is this the new strategy, to surround him with lots of people and busy activity so we don’t notice how slow he’s moving? 😂”

Ben Collis is a freelance journalist for the Trending Politico covering trending human interest/social media stories and the reactions real people have to them. He always seeks to incorporate evidence-based studies, current events, and facts pertinent to these stories to create your not-so-average viral post.
Ben Collis
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