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Woke Actress Jane Fonda Claims There Won’t Be A “Liveable Future” If Orange Man Wins

President Joe Biden leads or is tied with former President Donald Trump in a string of new nationwide surveys that indicate Trump’s polling advantage has slipped since his conviction in Manhattan last month (though he maintains an edge in the all-important swing states).
Donald Trump is once again very mad at Fox News—this time over the conservative cable giant’s latest poll that shows him down nationally against President Joe Biden in the race for the White House. (Yahoo)

Trump is up in the polls and looking like he might win in November despite Biden’s recent resurgence, and so all manner of Trump Derangement Syndrome of the 2016 and 2020 variety is back on the TV and internet. People are claiming that no one will be safe, that Trump will shut down leftist TV programs, and now that we won’t even have a “liveable future” if he wins.

Among those who joined the TDS party was far-left actress Jane Fonda, the same one who traveled to Hanoi during the Vietnam War and fraternized with North Vietnamese troops, including the anti-aircraft assigned troops who shot at US aircraft and killed many pilots. Fonda claimed that, if Trump wins in November, we won’t have a “liveable future.”

Such is what the actress and activist claimed when she appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room” on Tuesday, June 18. During that ridiculous interview, she claimed that the election is “existential,” saying, “The elections in November or existential really, who wins in November is going to determine whether we have a livable future. It’s as simple as that.”

Continuing, she argued that, though she’s far from being completely happy with the sort of president that Joe Biden has been, she’s willing to vote for him because she thinks Trump can’t be worked with. She said, “There’s a very stark choice it’s not that I’m 100% happy with President Biden but he’s someone that we can work with, that the American people can work with.”

She then returned to rambling about the election being “existential” because of how terrible the bad orange man is, saying that because she sees it as being existential, she was willing to “throw in” with Biden. She said: “So because I think that this election is so important, it’s existential. I decided that I was going to throw in with the campaign.”

That’s when the host of the program, Wolf Blitzer, chimed in and asked whether she more likes Biden or hates Trump. He asked, “So let me follow up. Jane is, is your support for President Biden more about supporting him or stopping Donald Trump.” Beginning her response, she said, “It’s a little of both. I’ve known Joe Biden for a long time.”

Continuing, Fonda explained, “I’m primarily a climate activist and you know, this I guess the best way that I can describe what will happen if the orange man is elected. as we know, because we read papers recently, he invited all the ceos of the big oil companies to meet with him at Mar-a-Lago and he basically said, ‘if you give me $1 billion, I will cut all the climate regulation since that you don’t like clean air, clean water.’”

She then kept rambling about why there won’t be a future if Trump wins, saying, “All these things really protect the American people. That’s why I really want to elect Joe Biden because we’re running out of time. I have grandchildren. I won’t be around to see the worst of it, but we have to confront the climate crisis and we have to do it fast.”

Watch her here:

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